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Due to two, count 'em, two family deaths, I had to cut things short this week. Anyway. Here. Have some laughs.

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After too long a wait, and a painful process of writing, rewriting, and re-re-recording, I present The Great Below part 2..uh 3...the next one.

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So, a long time fan of Tekdiff, Anthony Anselmo, and his band The Anselmo Project have released a cover of one of my theme songs!  Get it here:

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First day at work is always the weirdest.

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Slipp Zippley is here to set things straight.

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Well, here it goes again.

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Don' toush dose...

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Slipp Zipple conducts an interview, family fun, psycology of the paranoid, and a trailer reaction.

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10 Years? What the?

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Here's a song created with iMashine and Garageband.

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