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Tekdiff 6-27-08 New Show!  Comm-a-dee!  Frank's adventure!  And some weather news!
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Tekdiff 6-13-08 - The Account: Ch 11. The Account, the conclusion of the Waterford Arc! Sheesh. I need a break...
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Tekdiff 6-6-08 Updatertainment An update of the plans and comedy! Wait for it...
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A slight change of plans! So anyway, I decided to postpone the schedule change for two weeks. Here's the deal; I will be posting 2 short episodes next week, including the conclusion of the Account (or rather, it's first story arc). The following week I'll be taking off, for my 40th birthday and the last full week of June will be the next Tekdiff episode. Then in July I'll begin the next Account Arc. All will become clear. I swear...
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Tekdiff 6-5-08 The Account Ch 10 Chapter 10! Bad to worse...
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Important Announcement:  The return of the Schedule... Okay, the consensus is in and I'm returning to a Friday release schedule this week. Here's how it'll go: New Account starting on the 6th, new Tekdiff the following week and alternating thereafter. The free form thing was an interesting failure. It started off okay, but the overall quality of the comedy show has dipped (plummeted, actually) and I find it super-hard to first get a head of steam, record, stop, and then shift gears to a different style of episode all in a five day period. Besides, I'm useless on Mondays and so I end up rushing to get something out on Tues/Wed and I get sloppy. Then I need to get a second episode going on Thurs/fri, blah, blah all feels a bit slap-dash of late. And this past show, while not what I'd call bad, wasn't particularly good either. And if i don't feel proud of my shows then there's no point. I was supposed to be getting better, and It's not working out that way. Also there have been complaints about the shortness of the new episodes not creating a proper flow like before, and people miss the end of the episode personal updates. Those criticisms are spot-on, as far as I'm concerned. So, the comedy isn't as creative and as funny and the Account is getting stale and snagging on story chunks instead of moving forward. And It's leaving me with little time to do other things like correspond with fans, update the site, and just do stuff. So it's back to the 15 min minimum Friday releases. There may be occasional oddball mini-shows in-between there, but it's time to focus myself and get back to craftsmanship again. In fact, I'm actually plannig out the episodes a month in advance, now. Gots me a big 'ole desk calendar n' everythin'. Thanks for your patience, what with me being a flake and all.. Cayenne
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