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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/27/06- My Ass is the Cold Cold Ground Phoning home. The advantages of Podcasting. 24 Hour Action News. Evil Scientist comes to town. Lynerd explains a few things. Drunks. Etc etc.

Hey Troops!  Go give his El Nacho own show HERE!

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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/20/06-When Titles Elude me... Govt jobs, Ghosts, thinking of the children, and Transformers Rejects. And COPBEAT: The Conclusion!
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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/13/06 Taking my Medicine Like a Man Meds meds meds! A contest of sorts! A noble calling of sorts! British Detectives of sorts. And Mehlman makes a comeback much to everyone's surprise. Of sorts.
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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/06/06 - Crying over spilt milk Nostalgia, God's chosen car, music, Patrick Swayze, and Lynerd heads South!
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