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Tekdiff 12/22/06 - Rated XXXmas Happy Merry Whatever Youse Guys!!!
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Tekdiff 12/15/06 - Sick in the Heads Uhhhghh... Sick with mucus... Special show... Special tracks, PSAs. I think I fever dreamed this.. Nyquil...
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Tekdiff 12/08/06 - Cyborg Ninja Vixens of Oz Best Xmas EVER! Dangers of presents, Mailmen, cheese, AA, clowns and Lynerd's Big Adventure. Like bees live inside your head, but there they are.
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Tekdiff 11/1/06 - The Beast that shouted Lunch at the Heart of the World Woot! Dolphins, Movies. The stuff.. LBA pt 2! Whaoohkeedoohkee! Deadly humor...
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Tekdiff 11/24/06 Givin' Thenks Thanksgiving! And Lynard' BA!
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Tekdiff 11/17/06 - Whine and Jeez Art, PS3, A spiritual Victory, Coming attractions, Jazz, Gunfighters. It's complicated...
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Tekdiff 11/10/06 - Scattershot Mind All over the map like a drunken cartographer. Coffee nerves, Illegal immigrants, homo butsechs, the usual.
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Tekdiff 11/03/06 - That ole rugged crosshair F unfacts, auditions, Pastor Ermine the Elder makes his case, The most dangerous man on the Sea, and A very special message.
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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/27/06- My Ass is the Cold Cold Ground Phoning home. The advantages of Podcasting. 24 Hour Action News. Evil Scientist comes to town. Lynerd explains a few things. Drunks. Etc etc.

Hey Troops!  Go give his El Nacho own show HERE!

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Teknikal Diffikulties 10/20/06-When Titles Elude me... Govt jobs, Ghosts, thinking of the children, and Transformers Rejects. And COPBEAT: The Conclusion!
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